All the birddogs on this page are spoiled rotten house pets who have the run of the house and are all couch potatoes.  They also get to sleep under the covers at night if they prefer.  All of these dogs are also spayed and neutered.  Altering a birddog does not affect his or her ability to hunt, point and retrieve- nor does living in a home setting.  All of these dogs are also quite bonded to their owners and that makes for a better Hunting or Field Trialing companion and better yet a wonderful loving pet.

One of the goals of Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc is to help dispel many of the old mis-conceptions and old wives tales about birddogs and the necessity to keep them intact and only living outdoors to be the perfect hunting accessory. 

Photos courtesy of Alissa Behn and Pet-Personalities


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Westleigh was a pointing machine from the day I adopted/rescued him at 5 months old.  He has competed in American Field Walking Field trials as well as AKC Field Trial and Hunt tests.  We continue to train as he loves it so much.  He has natural backing instincts.  The photo to the left features Wes and Alex- an IBR adoptee.
Thelmalou- is not a rescue- but is the best Setter to help train the new foster dogs to check back in while running in the field.  She is a dream Setter with so much natural instinct.  She started pointing at 9 weeks.  We continue to train for FDSB and AKC Field Trials.
Little Buckwheat- a pointer hybrid who has proven himself in the field.  He can point, back and retrieve.  He is also my little shadow.